Core Hole Drilling
Core Drilling machines provide a means of cutting precise circular holes for electrical, plumbing and other internal work. Diamond tipped deep core drilling in is one of the only ways to drill through heavy steel re-enforced concrete and does not have any vibration, so it is perfect for sensitive areas.


Road Sawing
Road Sawing, also known as slab sawing or floor sawing, refers to large self-driven concrete saw that is fitted with diamond blades. They are used to cut straight accurate lines on flat surfaces faster and deeper than any other saw.
Road Saw uses may be used to remove existing concrete slabs, trenching for new pipe or cables in existing floors, cutting out old kerbs and gutters as well as doing expansion cuts for large areas of concrete


Hand Held Sawing
Hand held saws are portable saws that are fitted with diamond blades. There are more convenient for smaller jobs, where manoeuvrability and space is limited and the depth of cut required is moderate (max 150mm)
Hand held saws are ideal for smaller jobs such as cutting thin concrete floors, bricks, beam pockets and small openings in concrete slabs and walls. Perfect for cutting new doors and window openings, plumbing pipe trenches and cutting for demolition.

Ring Sawing
The Ring Saw is used after the hand saw to achieve a cutting depth of 260mm. It’s mostly used for concrete walls, block walls, double brick walls, door openings, staircases and concrete slabs when there is minimal accessibility for the Road Saw.


Soff Cutting
Soff cutting is the early entry of cutting concrete foundation slabs to complete expansion cuts. Soff cutting is performed with a specialised saw and blade for cutting "green concrete" within 2-4 hours after the concrete slab has been finished.

The control joints range from 30mm – 75mm deep and are more effective in controlling cracking in concrete than traditional methods used after the concrete has set.

Wall Sawing
Wall sawing is a hydraulic powered saw that uses diamond blades to cut through thicker sections of heavily reinforced concrete and or concrete that is to be cut on a specific angle. The Wall saw is able to cut perfectly smooth plumb and level openings in concrete walls with virtually no vibration or dust.
It is specifically designed for cutting doorways, windows, staircases and other openings in concrete walls what are 270mm thick or more


Wire Sawing
Wire Saws are used where depths exceed the wall saw limits, over 1m thick, and enable endless possibilities in thickness and in length. The hydraulic wire saw machine operates vertically, horizontally, inverted as well as under water and has a rapid rate of cut whether there is minimal reinforcement to concrete or maximum reinforcement.

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